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what wellness trends should you try

The Wellness Trends You Have to Try

  Hello, all you lovely people! I’m so hyped to share the wellness trends you have to try today on Buddha Belly. After dealing with chronic pain for years I became a nerd for all things wellness and am super passionate about researching and trying...

germs are good for you

Are Germs Good for You?

  Is our germaphobic nature helping or hurting our immune systems? You see them everywhere. Those little tubes of antibacterial hand sanitizers that come in a myriad of different scents. They take up space in people’s purses and hang on their key chains. They even...

journal for emotional growth

How Journaling Can Help You Right Now!

  I have journaled on and off my entire life, but I’ve put a whole lot more importance on journaling regularly during my adult life and as I began to meditate more. I find journals a great way to remember the good moments that I...