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healing after hip surgery

7th Week of Healing from Hip Surgery

  Hi y’all! Here’s week 7 of my hip surgery recovery coming at ya! If you aren’t caught up on my hip surgery journey you can start here at week 1. I had reconstructive hip surgery, a donor labrum put in and a fractional psoas...

hip surgery

My First Month After Hip Surgery

  Hi, you lovely, gorgeous people. I am officially one-month post hip surgery! It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride. Somedays I’m great and other days my stomach and my hip are killing me. If you haven’t already check out my journey from the beginning...

how to stay healthy while travelling

How to Travel and Still Reach Your Fitness Goals

  I love travelling. Just check out my travel page! However, it can be hard to keep up my healthy lifestyle while on the road. There’s temptations to eat out a lot and gyms aren’t always available so you have to get creative! I don’t...