Does my story sound familiar?

stop self-doubt now

I was a girl on a mission to make my past pains work toward my future success. But I lacked the guidance and know-how to make it all happen.

So I dove headfirst into educating myself, “fixing” myself, and grinding it all out until I developed an approach to life and business that left me satisfied!

But let’s go back a few years. The world has thrown me a few curveballs. Okay, let’s be honest, they were fastballs, and they hit me right in the face. Knocked me off my feet, flat on my back…you get the idea! 

I’ve suffered through chronic pain, anxiety, and depression most of my life. 

And laying there on the ground, in my darkest hours, is where I learned how to pick myself up, brush myself off, and get up swinging! 

My passion for self-discovery and healing is a gift I cannot keep to myself. 

The personal development journey I’ve traveled, combined with 6+ years of project management experience, has given me a unique position to help other fabulous females overcome whatever the world throws their way. 

I love taking others from overwhelmed to overjoyed! With my Husky, Echo, by my side, I’m continually growing and evolving personally and professionally. Which I then pass on to my lovely clients. 

With all the seriousness I’ve faced, I can’t help but see the beauty in everyday life. Maybe it’s my theater background, but I find myself wondering how the events around me would play out in a musical. You should try it! 

Think Hamilton the next time you’re at Starbucks and the chick in front of you orders a tall-mocha-frappe-nonfat-two pumps-of-WHAT THE HELL? 

And when I’m not playing out musicals in my head, I love to plow through as many Agatha Cristy murder mystery type novels as possible! 

But I will hit pause on all the theatrics, and I’ll put down my books, to guide and help you through your personal development and professional journey. Because helping you find your true self is what really keeps me going.

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Shine on!