Guest Post: How to Keep Your House Tidy so You Can Relax

right now how to keep your house tidy so you can relax


I’m so happy to have Alice Robertson, an expert house organizer, here to give us the dirt ( pun completely intended) on how to keep your house tidy so you can relax.  What I wouldn’t give to steal her away for a weekend so she could help me spruce up my place!

I’m much better than I used to be, but lordy I am terrible at cleaning up after myself until it becomes so messy that it’s a multiple day affair just to get everything put away. i used to use my messiness as an indicator of my creativeness because one single time a long, long time ago as a kid I read that messiness and creativity go together. Maybe that’s true for some, but I’m adult enough now to admit that I am loads more productive and relaxed when everything is put away in its spot and there aren’t dirty dishes in the sink.

I’ve started trying that “if it only takes 1-minute than do it” trend that’s been going around this past year. It’s working a ton better, but I live with two other guys. One of them is minimalistic as can be (do you even own stuff, Keith?) and the other is….my boyfriend. The packrat. I love him dearly, but I never thought I’d be the person who owns less in a relationship.

One of the biggest issues we have is random papers and bills floating around everywhere that he might need at some point-in-time if there’s a solar eclipse at 3:00 AM on Friday the 13th. So I absolutely adore Alice’s idea below for having a basket/bin that you just put everything into and then sort away throughout the week. That keeps it all in one place and it’s a lot harder to misplace what you actually need. I’m definitely going to take that one for a spin.

Keep reading because you’ll definitely find a suggestion you’d like to try out below!


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how to keep your house tidy so you can relax



We all have that one friend whose house always looks clean and put together. How does she do it? There’s no magic formula; it’s more like a mindset which, when you get the whole family on board, makes it much easier to create a relaxing, stress-free home environment. You can learn how to keep your house tidy so you can relax without even notice you’re cleaning!


If you’re just beginning to keep your house tidy so you can relax, start small:

  • Put away or toss clothes in the hamper each night.
  • Wash dishes as soon as you’re finished eating.
  • Make your bed each morning (and train the kids to make theirs, too).
  • Designate a “dump” basket for all papers and bills. Sort through it at least twice a week.
  • Put things away (and stay organized) when you’re finished with them.If you find yourself running out of storage space, it’s time to declutter. Pick one room—or a spot in one room—to work in each week. Make piles of things to keep, toss, and donate. If you’re still short on storage, check out these clever ideas. It’s much easier to keep a clutter-free home when everything has a place.Pssst! Go ahead and designate a “designated junk drawer” somewhere in the house, but sort it monthly or however often you need to keep your house tidy so you can relax.

    keep tidy so you can relax asap

    Long-term tidiness habits to cultivate


    You might need to tweak the following habits to fit your family and lifestyle, but they’re a great starting point to learn how to keep your house tidy so you can relax, especially if you’re beginning from ground zero.


    Do laundry each day. Have a large family that generates a lot of laundry? Do one load a day, first thing in the morning, before leaving for work. Pop it in the dryer when you get home (or assign it as a chore to an older child), and then fold everything during commercials when you’re relaxing watching your favorite TV show in the evening. Send folded piles of clothes up with the kids on their way to bed for same-day put away. Pro tip: Get everyone in the family his or her own hamper to make clothing sorting easier.


    Get the whole family involved. Set a timer (and play some tunes) for 15 minutes before bedtime each night and assign everyone a room or chore to do until the timer beeps. Kids can straighten up their rooms. You can sort that basket of paperwork. Someone can collect trash or put away laundry. Pro tip: It’s much easier when everyone’s in it together!


    Make it a clean sweep. Whether you’ve got pets or not, a clean floor can set the tone for the whole room. Use washable microfiber cloths with a Swiffer, teach your kids (if they’re old enough), and assign them this fun job. Pro tip: Vacuuming to music is the best! Or host a contest to see who can vacuum or sweep a room faster.


    Create routines. Identify what you can do each day, including a quick pickup in the main living areas, loading (or unloading) the dishwasher, or wiping down kitchen and bathroom counters. Create another routine for weekly cleaning chores (e.g., the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen) but instead of spending two hours on a glorious Saturday morning grumbling about cleaning, spread those cleaning times throughout the week for 30 minutes here and there. Pro tip: You’ll still get the house cleaned each week without sacrificing valuable weekend time.

    Create a home that’s all about zen


     Besides decluttering and finding places to store everything, you can create a more relaxing environment by:

    • Bringing nature inside and purify the air with non-poisonous plants.
    • Using reed diffusers with essential oils that are safer than candles and easy to maintain. Real Homes recommends these 10 diffusers.
    • Adding comfy pillows and throw blankets to couches and chairs.
    • Freshening up walls with tranquil blues, grays, greens, and natural tones.

    For more ideas on cultivating a home sanctuary in which everyone can relax, check out this article from Freshome.


    Everyone deserves to live in a tidy, organized home, and it’s amazing what you can accomplish in even just five minutes! Do a little every day, and you’ll never have to dread an hours-long cleaning blitz that eats into time you’d much rather spend playing with the kids, going for a jog, reading a good book, or catching up on your favorite show.




    Alice Robertson began her career in the home organization industry as a professional house cleaner. After cleaning and organizing her clients’ homes for years, she decided to open her own home organization business. Over the years, she has built an impressive client list, helping to make spaces in homes and businesses more functional. She recently created as a place to share the great cleaning and organizing advice she has developed over the years.



I’m not going to lie, these tips on how to keep your house tidy so you can relax have me ready for some spring cleaning (um, summer cleaning?). I love implementing new ideas to better myself and it’s even better when the tips help you stay clean without really feeling like you’re doing anything.

Are any of these tips new to you or have you used them before and gotten success? Let me know below! Aaaaaand, if you want to kindly tell someone they’re the household piggly-wiggly just send them this post!

Working on cultivating a more stress-free lifestyle? Check out my posts all about meditation and journaling to get you started down the right path.

As always, thanks for reading and kickass today!






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