Guest Post: 5 Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe Before Summer


5 pieces to add to your wardrobe before summer


Hello, ladies and gents!

Summer is fast upon us and I’ve been so busy with starting a new job that I’m seriously out of touch with what the cutest trends are at the moment. I gotta build up my warm weather outfits stat! Seriously springtime in Chicago lasted like two weeks. It’s nuts.

I can’t get too sad though because I’m so hyped for vacations, swimming and festivals! I’d like to welcome back the lovely Amy Mia who’s here to give us the inside deets on the 5 pieces to add to your wardrobe before summer.

I don’t know about you, but I love a lil’ guidance on what the hottest trends are otherwise I’ll walk into Target and come out with the whole store…well I’d do that anyway. At least I’d make sure to get the hottest stuff first!

Don’t know what pieces to add to your wardrobe before summer? Check out what you need to be on point all summer long.


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Summer’s coming, gals, and if this is your favorite season, you’re going to be excited! As always, trends are taking a colorful turn, and every fashion-savvy lady knows that this is the perfect time for her to show off style, beauty, and grace with her wardrobe. Before the heat and the vacations come, it’s important to get ready and have all the right pieces that will complement your outfits and make you look like a stunning summer diva. Now, let’s see what are the best things you can add to your wardrobe before summer and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Matrix Glasses for the Cool Gal

pieces to add to your wardrobe before summer



Covering your whole face and looking vaguely like a bug is apparently not in anymore? Strange! Well, the new minimalist sunglasses are cool enough for us, and we love the whole retro, sci-fi vibe that’s pretty perfect if you want to update your look with a dose of badass. Get a more cat-eye shape if you want it to look feminine and you’ll easily be able to match it with pretty much any summer outfit.

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Comfy Mules

Whether you love or hate mules, you can’t deny that they’re practical and comfortable, especially for the summer. We love the low, chunky heel trend that won’t strain your calves and feet, and if you want to make them more elegant, pick something made of leather. But really, mules are pretty easy to match, especially if you get them in a nude, flesh-toned color. This happens to be another trend with shoewear this year, and we like how it visually elongates the leg and works as a very versatile choice for any occasion. Dresses, skirts, pants – it can all be complemented by a nude mule shoe.


Shirt Dress and Elegance


add to your wardrobe before summer



Okay, dresses, along with lipstick, are like the best beauty hacks in the world. How can you trick people into thinking you’re really put together? Put on a dress and a bright lipstick. Believe us, it works! There’s something about these two items that immediately gives you a certain kind of polish, and we love it because it’s basically effortless. This year, shirt dresses are the trendiest, and they’re pretty great because they work well as comfortable, casual everyday wear that looks gorgeously feminine, but if you pair them with a blazer, they’ll be great for the office as well. To style them up, those mules will work wonderfully, or if you want some more glam, you can wear them with some basic pumps. For even more oomph, cinch them at the waist with a belt and enjoy how it gives you more of an hourglass shape.





Denim is cool and easy to wear, but instead of shorts, this year, we’re turning towards skirts. A good denim skirt goes really well with casual chucks, high-tops, or ballet flats (and again, those nice mules), but you can also keep up with that dad sneaker trend if you like. The only thing we recommend is to make sure your skirt fits you well because there’s nothing worse than denim that chafes and cuts into our skin. This is generally a pretty casual look that works well with t-shirts and tank tops, but for something fun and bright, we recommend pairing it with our next favorite summer item. This is definitely a must-have to add to your wardrobe before summer.

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Campy Shirts

what pieces to add to your wardrobe before summer


You know those campy Hawaiian short-sleeved shirts that used to be popular for men back in the day? Well, they’re back! This time as a trend in women’s fashion, these are something gals can really pull off with ease if they’re into casual wear and want to add a pattern that’s fun and interesting. They go well when paired with denim skirts and shorts, and you can tuck one end into the waist of your bottoms and leave the rest hanging for a trendy vibe. They can also be used as a cover-up to go over your crop top or a tank top, and an easy way to layer without overwhelming your outfit or feeling too restrictive in the summer heat. And hey, you can also wear them over your swimming suit at the beach.


As you can see, all of these trends make for very easy, no-fuss looks. Summer isn’t really the time to worry about anything, not even fashion, and these items provide you with nice go-to looks that anyone can pull off with minimal effort. Enjoy your vacation days!





I definitely know what I want to add to my closet! I hope this helped you figure out what you need to add to your wardrobe before summer officially hits!

Get ready for some lazy days by the pools, my friends! If you enjoyed this post please share with other fashion lovers. If you’re digging the fashion vibe right now check out my favorite spring outfits or learn how to shop like a fashionista even if you have a budget!

Also, please share with me YOUR must-have trends for this summer because you can never have enough inspo!






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