Guest Blog: 5 Trendiest Trends to Wear This Spring

I’d like to welcome Amy Mia Goldsmith back to Buddha Belly with her post on what the 5 trendiest trends to wear this spring are! Spring and fall are two of my favorite seasons to dress for so I was really looking forward to her post and I LOVE it. Amy is always one of my favorite resources to look to when I’m deciding what trends I HAVE to have this season. Check out her post below so you can stay up on the trends to wear this spring too!

PS: I’m so happy she mentioned lavender. If you can’t already tell from my site shades of purple are my fave! I’ll definitely be trying out her ideas on this one!

5 trendiest trends to wear this spring




Time to retire your chokers and off-the-shoulder tops, for now, ladies – new trends are in town and they’re here to impress! Spring is usually the most exciting fashion season simply because everyone is so sick of dull, grey, shapeless things we have to wear in winter just to stay warm. Colors and sexy materials are back to fire up our imagination and let us enjoy some stylish outfits, and we’re ready to tell you all about the latest hot trends. Ready for some fashion?


Power Suits


trends to wear this spring


How do you pair sexy and polished in one look and make everyone’s mouth gape when they see you? Wear a suit! Women underestimate the power of a good suit, possibly because they often have to wear it to work, and there’s no quicker way to feel dull then thinking about what you have to wear to the office. However, a good suit, and we mean a really good, perfectly-tailored, fits-you-like-a-glove kind of suit, is pure perfection, especially if you utilize monochromatic looks. Imagine a slim, all-white pantsuit with a pair of pumps to make you look like you’re about to subject the world to your will, or imagine a red suit, only a small lace top underneath your blazer, and your hair falling in loose curls. You go, sultry fire goddess! If you want a piece that speaks of power, skill, and high-class sexy, choose a suit.

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Delicate Lavender 


what trends to wear this spring


Soft ice cream shades are generally very much in, however, nothing tops the twist on Pantone’s Ultraviolet trend – creamy lavender. Oh, this trend is so romantic, delicate, it’s for all our Southern belles, for our ballerinas at heart, for those girls who embrace all that is sweet and feminine. We recommend that you pair this with delicate florals like seen on Erdem runways, or maybe combine oversized lavender sweaters with flowy skirts like Michael Kors seems to favor. Or hey, mix in the power suit boss girl trend with this one! Show the world both sides of your personality.

Lace Tops


Ah lace, it will probably never really go out of style making it one of the great trends to wear this spring. Make this the focal point of your outfit and find some cute lace tops that you can pair with wide-leg pants and a messy little bun on top of your head. White, black, powder pink, red, just choose your favorite color and then make your lipstick and the top match. The best thing about this is that you can take it in pretty much any direction. Soft creamy top with a white skirt? Sweetness impersonated. Black lace, black lipstick, black nail polish? Edgy, urban, and fun!


Detail Neckline


trendiest trends to wear this spring


This is actually the easiest way to look stylish because anything asymmetrical will always give your outfit a certain visual interest that will keep drawing people in. From extremely weird and complex necklines seen at Jonathan Simkhai to a more straightforward, simple version of Calvin Klein dresses, the runways have truly embraced this trend, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t either. A good selection of evening dresses with halter necklines are really high-fashion (not to mention really Instagrammable), and it’s an excellent choice for a night out when you just want something that will catch attention.

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Retro Accessories


top 5 trendiest trends to wear this spring



Designers are apparently really into retro accessories lately, but two trends that stand out are those ’90 X-girl glasses and fanny packs. Yep, that’s right, the trend that used to be totally taboo and uncool is making a comeback! The fanny packs are actually now a great accessory to go with your athleisure, especially because they are so practical and fun-looking. As for the glasses, from Prada to Kenzo, we’re getting some Matrix vibes and coolness here. Grab a pair of shades and pretend you’re a super secret spy and you’ll pretty much be pulling off the look with no fuss.


This year is going to be all about embracing your girl power. Whether it’s in a smashing power suit or a delicate lavender dress, it’s all about your femininity and how you choose to present it. Enjoy these trends and enjoy your fashion, because spring is here and it’s time for the creativity to wake up again.


I hope you enjoyed Amy’s latest and greatest. I can’t wait to add more lavender into my closet…if that’s even possible! Her take on the 5 trendiest trends to wear this spring is rockin’. If you agree please share and also let me know what YOUR must-have trends to wear this spring are below! 

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what are the five trends to wear this spring

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  1. Veronika wrote:

    I wear the suit and the plexi trend the most nowadays. And yellow.

    Posted 4.19.18 Reply
    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      I bet ya look amazing!

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  2. I’m right there with you- I can’t wait to add some more lavender to my wardrobe too!

    Posted 4.19.18 Reply
    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      My wardrobe is literally pinks and purples right now. Everything else is neutrals, haha. Now Chicago just needs to get with my program!

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  3. Love the list. I just love those pants in the first photo. They look comfy. Anyways, great article.

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    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      Hi Esther,

      Great! They definitely look comfy and still work appropriate. My fave combo!

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  4. KELLY wrote:

    Very amazing blog! First of all, photos are perfect. They look so cool and retro. Spring is definitely my favorite season and you can see why! Those ’90 X-girl glasses are superb! I definitely want them. These kinds of glasses can give you that cool and sexy look. Do you think that I can wear them with my blue skirt?

    Posted 5.21.18 Reply
    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      Hi Kelly, Thanks so much! I’m sure you’d rock them 🙂

      Posted 5.22.18 Reply
  5. When you mix the freshest faces with the best of new fashion, you’re left with pure style inspiration!

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      Aw, so sweet!

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