7th Week of Healing from Hip Surgery

healing after hip surgery


Hi y’all! Here’s week 7 of my hip surgery recovery coming at ya!

If you aren’t caught up on my hip surgery journey you can start here at week 1. I had reconstructive hip surgery, a donor labrum put in and a fractional psoas release. They did a LOT.


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Week 7

Day 44-

Woof. I still look like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time. PT is painful and everything just feels super stiff. We worked on my adduction muscles because they are super tight. We also worked on releasing the tension in my psoas because it’s keeping me from getting full extension in my right leg during walking and it’s causing me to flex in my upper back. Big no-no. It’s most likely due to my brace keeping my leg from going back beyond 0 degrees. It was necessary at the time so now we just have to loosen stuff up.

I’ve been doing leg lifting exercises, hamstring stretches and exercises on the reformer. I love being on the reformer. It’s so much fun! When I’m done with all of this I definitely plan on taking a small group workout class at a studio so I can try a workout on the reformer. Pilates has some pretty fun exercise moves and concentrates on core strength which I’m definitely going to need.

I didn’t bike yesterday and I probably won’t for the next couple days. I’m just too stiff with PT. It feels like my leg won’t stay underneath me when I’m walking and I can tell I’m not pushing off my foot correctly when I’m walking. It’s only my second day of PT so I don’t really care about any of that.

I’m still using my crutches for longer walking like when I went to Whole Foods to get delicious gluten-free cake balls. They are like so good. I can’t even. They were gone in like two days. I try not to go to Whole Foods too often because I won’t be able to pass those cake balls up and they’re like $10 for four small cake balls. Goodbye money!

Day 45-

I’m pretty stiff waking up, but it wore off as the day went on. No PT today so I took an Epsom salt bath and dropped in one of the bath bombs my bestie got me from Lush in my care package, made a golden milk latte (turmeric is soooo good for inflammation) and made sure to ice like nuts. I also had a delicious smoothie bowl with collagen in it for lunch and a paleo dinner of a Korean beef salad! I’m doing my best to eat for healing.

Today is definitely going to be a rest day so I didn’t bike either. I knew my body just needed me to lay around and heal. I’ve been getting in like 8-10 hours a night of sleeping too.

hip surgery healing

healing from hip surgery

Day 46-

I can tell how much sleep helps with healing because I’m feeling really good. I can’t wait to try cryotherapy out to help with my inflammation. I love trying out new wellness trends.

Echo has kennel cough and has to finish up his round of antibiotics. His little doggie cough is so cute but sad. His grandparents brought him over a tough crocodile dog toy named Snappers, but he promptly tore that bugger so he’s not getting it back until Ty sews that baby up.

My lower abdomen is getting really bloated, but I’m wondering if it has more to do with my psoas becoming irritated because this was what used to happen pre-surgery.

Day 47-

I woke up this morning feeling like the bomb. Sure my walk isn’t going to win any awards, but I’m getting my swagger back. I definitely felt like I had more flexibility in my hip. It’s amazing the progress you can make in a few days.

We worked on bending today in PT so that I can actually pick things up off the floor. By the end of the session, I could get larger items off the floor. Bending all the way down was still hard. Adducting my leg inwards still hurts quite a bit and if I turn when I’m walking the wrong way I get a pinching and pulling sensation that isn’t pleasant. I can lift my right leg on my own now and out to the side. Putting on pants and underwear is so much easier because I can almost lift my right leg up and into the hole. One of the most annoying things after hip surgery is having to lay around on your back like a dead bug while trying to get your foot into a hole.

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My digestion feels like it’s running really slow so I’m pretty sure my psoas is getting irritated. When it is all of my digestion slows down because it gets inflamed and presses down on my intestines in that area. Fun times!

Who else is ready for spring? It’s so cold outside still! I’m ready for spring clothes asap.

Day 48-

Ty left to go on his bachelor’s trip with the groom and his boys. They’re spending 5 days in Toronto getting up to no good I’m sure. So it’s just me, the husky and our roommate Keith. I’m going to miss him, but it’s also nice to have the time to do a bunch of girly stuff like face masks and pedicures (although I can’t reach my feet yet!).

I’m pretty sure I’m just going to end up cleaning when he’s gone. I love him, but he’s a cluttery person and I like everything having its place.

I biked today with actual resistance! I pretty much did blog work all day with Echo laying on my feet, cleaned and showered.  I was feeling great, but I was trying to save up energy for the evening’s festivities.

With the boys being in Toronto for a bachelor’s trip my bestie decided tonight would be a great night to craft the bouquets and centerpieces for the wedding. My two years as a floral assistant in HS finally came in handy because I was able to make her flower bouquets out of silk flowers. We ran into a problem though because some of the stems were too short and weren’t long enough to get caught by the floral tape. Luckily one of the gals is super handy with the hot glue gun. We got all the flowers to stay put. Phew!

We did a lot of work despite drowning like 8 bottles of wine, haha. Luckily we’re using the bottles for centerpieces so technically it was work. 🙂 I didn’t drink, but I did enjoy a kombucha. I chose to have a salad when everyone else was eating pizza. I’m working hard to drop a little fat around my stomach before the wedding. I’m sure it’ll come off as I can move around more. 6 weeks of basically laying around doing nothing isn’t great for your metabolism.

Day 49-

hip surgery


Happy belated Easter my lovelies! I celebrated Easter in an amazing dress from Hello Molly! I love the color. If you want see my outfits more often check out my insta!

I made a delicious root vegetable medley with a rosemary and garlic dressing. Nom! I always like to bring something healthy to family get-togethers and parties so that I can balance what I’m eating between the healthy and the not so healthy. A healthy lifestyle is all about the balance, peeps! Feed your body for nourishment 80% of the time and eat for enjoyment the other 20%. I’m not a huge fan of cheat days because most people just end up eating until their stomach is uber full and they can’t move. I’d much rather just have a few treats interspersed throughout the week.

I also made a gluten-free carrot cake, but it ended up being more of a bread than a carrot cake since I didn’t have the powdered sugar I needed to make the icing. Still delish, but a touch too much clover. That stuff is STRONG!

I had one glass of wine, a couple jelly beans and a plateful of veggies and a little ham. I also sipped on a kombucha. I love having kombucha around so I can have something to drink when everyone else is drinking alcohol. It was awesome because I felt zero pain from eating. I’m so used to cramping after every meal. That was pretty much my only meal of the day because I felt so bloated. It felt so good to see my family though and they’re thoughts and prayers for me over my hip surgery warmed my heart.

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I may have done too much between yesterday and today though because I got exhausted so early. I laid in bed for the rest of the day and just chilled out with an ice pack, heating pack and some warm tea. My lower right back hurts if I stand too long right now so I need to take it a bit more carefully. It was so great to see my family though! Even if you’re feeling good make sure to remind yourself you’re healing from hip surgery and need to take it easier than you think. It’ll save ya a lot of pain.

I had to take a Norco because my pain was stopping me from sleeping. I made it almost 3 weeks without taking it so I felt like kind of a failure having to take it.


7th week healing from hip surgery
Visiting my family and my Portuguese Water Dog, Angus! What a cutie!


Day 50-

Really bad stomach cramping and psoas pain. I’m going to have to call my surgeon’s office to get that steroid shot. I know they warned me that there’d be a flare up around weeks 6-8 when I start walking again. It makes sense because standing fully upright is lengthening my psoas a lot. Not looking forward to another shot, but hopefully, it’ll take away some of the pain because it’s just not stopping. It’s probably made doubly worse because I’m getting my period soon. Periods make EVERYTHING worse. I had to take another Norco to deal with the pain after PT. Sigh. I am healing from major hip surgery. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

It feels like my old abdominal pain which always gets in my head. Not only is it super painful, but I also can’t do much else when it’s happening because it’s that bad. So I’m stuck laying in bed just trying to distract myself.

My PT got really deep into my psoas so it was pretty sore after and we worked on releasing some of the scars from my hip surgery so that my leg could extend even further back. I’m still not quite at normal extension, but I’m getting there. I still have a noticeable limp, but it’s working better every day. My biggest goals right now are to keep doing my PT exercises and not to let my fears get in my own head about the abdominal pain.



I’m really hoping that this cramping and pain goes away. It’s driving me nuts. Even if I lay down for a few hours it still doesn’t go away. Hopefully, week 8 will bring better news. I feel like this update is a lot more fun to write and probably to read because stuff is actually moving now since I can do PT.

Healing from hip surgery is rough, but there are so many different things you can do to contribute to the healing process. Eat well to support healing and to minimize inflammation, take Epsom salt baths, cryotherapy, PT, plenty of sleep, acupuncture, dry needling and so much more. I think the biggest reason I’m healing so fast is because of how well I take care of myself. I think being super fit before going under surgery helped a lot too.

Holidays can be fun, but boy can they be tiring. Check out my post on self-care and meditation so you can get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Please let me know if you have any questions for me or about your own issues. I’m here to help. In the meantime keep those vibes high!


Healing from hip surgery at 7 weeks

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