Guest Blog: How to Shake Off Your Winter Wardrobe Rut

Super excited to welcome back one of my favorite guest bloggers, Amy Mia Goldsmith! After about a month of cold I can definitely relate to being in a winter clothing rut and I love her ideas! Check out the post below if you need some ideas to liven up your own wardrobe and get out of your winter wardrobe rut as the temperatures drop, the wind picks up and the sun is nowhere in sight.


How to Shake Off Your Winter Wardrobe Rut

Winter is the season of covering and cozying up and, therefore, it’s hard to stay stylish and innovative throughout the whole season. It’s the same old coat or jacket and the same old shoes or boots depending on the occasion and what you wear underneath is almost completely unimportant or always the same. It’s lucky that we have the holidays to make us feel happy and excited, otherwise, we would all end up deeply depressed.

What more could you expect when you dress in such a monotonous matter? If you want to look good and avoid using the same sweaters, pants or dresses, it’s time for you to liven your outfit up. Despite the fact that it’s winter, you really can do that. It’s a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Once you get the hang of it, it won’t even be hard. So, here are a few things you can do about your winter rut and how to shake it off.


We all know cardigans, but now it’s time to introduce the winter edition of the cardigan, a coatigan. Coatigans are great as they keep you warm and you can practically wear anything underneath them. You can have a lace shirt or whatever else you want. You won’t be limited solely to your winter clothes once you implement the use of coatigans and they are even very stylish on their own. You can find them in various colors and designs.

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Scarves and hats

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Since it’s irrational to expect that you own 15 coats, it’s not very easy to change your daily appearance. However, as you cannot change coats, you surely can change scarves and hats. They are much smaller investments than coats and they have an even stronger effect on the whole combination. Experiment with different scarves and hats, colors and designs. Your options are practically unlimited. You can wear ponchos or huge scarves over a coat or you can take a small scarf in a very noticeable color and wear that. Let your imagination run wild and you’ll have many different looks this winter.



change up your winter wardrobe

Another great way to liven your outfit up is to bring bags to the table. Bags come in different shapes and sizes and you need them for many occasions. You can take bags that are small in size, but colorful with a maximum impact. You can find inspiration online or on TV and see if you’re into some chic designer ideas. On the other hand, you can choose a big bag which has a less aggressive design. There are also bags that are neutral, which enables you to combine practicality with elegance.

Layer like a pro

In order to be able to survive this winter and any other, you need to become the master of layering. This is both handy and fashionable if you combine well. Plus, you eliminate the possibility of feeling too warm or too cold. You’re able to adjust the number of layers in regards to the situation and temperature.

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Besides scarves, hats and bags, you can use other accessories to freshen up your look. For instance, belts can be very effective if you put them on your old coat. It will make you look completely different without spending a lot of money. Of course, make sure to pair that belt with a bag or boots and you’ll be good to go anywhere.

All in all, don’t feel limited by the severity of winter when it comes to being fashionable. Feel free to experiment and find different ways to stay creative. Be happy and cheerful, despite the cold and gray weather. As soon as you brighten up your wardrobe, your personality will brighten up, as well. It’s in our psychology to be affected by weather conditions, colors and the amount of sunlight. That is why we need to try and bring the sunshine into our lives even on cold and gloomy days which make the most of winter.


Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie blogger in love with fashion,  beauty, and style. Her mission is to inform the world of all the things she loves and enjoys.  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to see more by Amy check out her previous post here for Buddha Belly and check out her website High Style Life. If you like what you see please share it with your friends and family!


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  1. Renuka wrote:

    Great ideas to create more looks with some accessories.

    Posted 12.16.17 Reply
    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      Yeah, you can keep your same outfits and change it up so easily! I love it.

      Posted 12.16.17 Reply
  2. Sarah wrote:

    I’ve recently moved to a colder climate so I’ve had to revamp my fall and winter wardrobe. I’ve become obsessed with sweaters lately and I’ve always collected scarves. I need to get into hats as I love the look of them. Thanks for the tips!

    Posted 12.16.17 Reply
    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      You’re very welcome! I hope it helps with keeping your winter wardrobe fresh!

      Posted 12.17.17 Reply