My Top Exercise Accessories You Have to Have

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I love getting my sweat on, but sometimes it’s the last thing I want to do after a long day at work. Having adorable and helpful workout accessories always gets me pumped to get pumped. Check out my must haves for getting the most out of my workouts and motivating me to push harder!



I wouldn’t be caught dead running without my tunes and the last thing I want to deal with when I’m huffing and puffing is my earbuds falling out. I’ve been through a lot of headphones and these ones have been the best and lasted the longest! They stay put and they make my music sound great!


Not done with headphone recommendations yet! I actually have two pairs of headphones, one for running and one for weightlifting. I hate having wires in the way when I’m weightlifting, but I was actually disappointed by Beats by Dre and other wireless headphones. Leave it to these $29.99 wireless headphones to beat out all the rest. They have an 8 hour play time and are easily charged. There’s no wire to get in my way and the earpieces have magnets in them that stick together so you can easily look them around your neck when not in use.

Foam roller-


Every fitness lover worth their salt owns one of these bad boys and I love this mobility kit because not only does it come with a great foam roller, but it comes with muscle roller, peanut foam roller, stretch strap and lacrosse ball! Everything you could possibly need for mobility, which we all know is important if you want to run that marathon or beat your one rep squat max. Love, love, love!

Running Belt-


Honestly, I love my Flipbelt whether I’m out running, weightlifting or out hiking. It keeps all my valuables safe and this way I can wear whatever I want without worrying about having a pocket to put my keys, license, phone or credit card in. Score one for fashion choices! Plus, it comes in a huge variety of colors and is stretchy enough it fits my ginormous android phone.

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Anti-chafe balm-


I don’t know about you, but after a long run I suffer some major chub rub. Y’know that spot between your thighs that rub up against each other if you aren’t super, duper skinny? If I have any stubble from shaving or run more than half an hour the friction will literally cause my thighs to bleed. Not fun.

This balm is helpful for all those trouble spots that love the rub like under your arms, under your sports bra line and for you men out there (it’s helpful for nipples too!). I’ve had the same tube for a little over a year so it lasts awhile too!

Water bottle-

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I love running in nature and finding my nearest prairie path. The problem with making my way out to nature is that there’s typically no convenient water fountains installed and if you’re working up a sweat you’re definitely going to want and need some water to quench your thirst and make your body happy. Typical water bottles are just too big and heavy to carry and once you start sweating they slip right out of your hands anyways. In comes this amazing water bottle!

The strap is easy to hold onto, it’s BPA free, easy to drink from while on the run and has a little zipper compartment for your odds and ends. Stay hydrated in style and comfort!



Most people use headbands to keep the sweat out of their eyes (these work well for that too!) but, I can’t stand my quasi-bangs in my eyes when I’m running or weightlifting. The last thing I need when I’m going for my max on deadlifts is to have to sneeze because my bangs have decided to migrate up my nose (true story).

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When I’m lifting or running I like to have my clothing fitted and out of the way and the same thing with my hair! That’s where these bad boys come in and they come in a 5 pack with super cute colors! What more could a girl ask for!

Jump rope-

I get bored quite easily with my cardio and this new jump rope has totally changed my HIIT game. Now I can choose between yet another cardio option to get my heart rate up. Do you love to travel, but hate missing your workouts? This jump rope is perfectly-sized to bring along in your suitcase to do some jumping in between bodyweight moves if you’re left without a gym or just want to be outside.

It allows you to pick your own length so whether you’re a shorty like me or on the taller side you can have a jump rope that fits you! So while I may never be able to do double-unders I can stick with my singles

There you have it ladies and gents! These are my must haves right now in order to exercise comfortably and in style! Check them out and let me know below if you see anything you like. Does anyone have any workout accessory they can’t live without?

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  1. Katie Lamb wrote:

    After creating my own home gym, I loved reading this and seeing the items you recommend!

    Posted 8.25.17 Reply
    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      Thank you! A home gym is definitely on the top of my wishlists! I’d kill for my own at home squat rack. Do you have any pictures of your at home gym?

      Posted 8.25.17 Reply
  2. I totally want some chaffing balm and a sports belt. These are all essential for anyone’s workout!

    Posted 8.28.17 Reply
    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      Haha, I know right. The chaffing balm is life for me on long runs.

      Posted 8.28.17 Reply