Finding Balance after Illness and Addiction



Hi Y’all,

So I just wrote my first guest article for the lovely Candace at Yoga by Candace. She’s a personal hero of mine because her own story of overcoming Lyme Disease closely parallels my own struggles. When I started blogging and I saw a post on her website asking for guest bloggers at 1:00 AM one night I knew it was kismet! I sent in my pitch thinking nothing would come of it, but two days later I heard back and began the process of writing one of the hardest articles I’ve ever had to write! 11 drafts later I had a very personal story that I was ready to share with the universe and here it is!





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  1. Molly wrote:

    Excellent post about something so many of us can understand, but can’t all put into words so eloquently. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Posted 8.16.17 Reply
    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. It’s always hard opening up, but it’s something I would have wanted to have read when I was deep in the weeds of everything.

      Posted 8.16.17 Reply
  2. stat detox wrote:

    Very good write-up. It looks like much hard work went in this one.

    Posted 8.30.17 Reply
    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      Thank you so much!

      Posted 8.30.17 Reply
  3. Hello, yahoo lead me here, keep up good work.

    Posted 9.9.17 Reply
    • awaitressnomore wrote:

      Thank you so much! Will do!

      Posted 9.11.17 Reply