Rock the 4th of July in Style!

4th of July-1
The 4th of July is right around the corner and, no matter what your plans, you can rock it in style! I’m not a huge fan of themed shirts and all that jazz; I much prefer making my outfit the color of the flag versus wearing it on a t-shirt. The above would be my first choice if I was going to an outside picnic. If you’re going to be on grass I’d definitely suggest switching to some wedges or sandals though because who wants to fight with heels sliding into grass all day!?
4th of july
If you’re going to watch the fireworks with your sweetie all snuggled together on a picnic blanket this is the perfect outfit. Pairing crop-tops with high-waisted shorts is super classy and the dark red color of these shorts is my favorite! I love chain purses (especially when they’re large enough to discreetly fit a flask) and this necklace is super playful and trendy.  Don’t forget to bring the bug spray!
4th of July-2


My favorite way to spend the 4th of July is watching the fireworks from the beach or on a boat and this scalloped bikini is the perfect bathing suit for such an occasion. Don’t forget a cute beach tote to carry all your things in and a giant, floppy hat for super cute photos and sun protection. These sunglasses add a double-punch since they’re both cat eye shaped and heart-shaped. They’ll be the highlight of your outfit!
What are you going to be wearing to celebrate our country and its freedom? Whatever you’re doing for the 4th have a blast, remember your sunscreen and be safe!

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