Warm Weather Brings Pops of Color!

Bring Color Into Your Work Wardrobe


During the fall and winter, I’m all about dark reds, blacks, dark greys and the like, but come summer I want colors and I want them now! My work culture leans towards the extremely casual, but I feel much better when I dress around the realm of work casual to work professional style. I love blazers, pumps and dresses so you’ll rarely catch me in jeans at work and I only own one pair of sweatpants.
Once spring rolled around this year I realized that I completely lack any colorful work ensembles besides the occasional bright blouse I’ll wear under a blazer with a pencil skirt. Just because it’s work doesn’t mean your clothing has to be drab and muted. I’m a lively person and I like my clothing to match! You can also add color to your wardrobe without buying a ton of new things to take up space in your closet. The grey dress I chose could easily be one of the dresses from my winter wardrobe and would look adorable with that pink blazer. Pair that with the nude heels and, bam, you have a new work look that’s colorful and work appropriate!
One of my favorite trends this spring/summer is how colorful trousers are coming into style. No longer are we relegated to black, grey or white for our work pants. I’ve seen them in a whole spectrum of colors this season from hot pink to an emerald green and everything inbetween. When bringing pops of color into the office I do try and just keep the color centered around one item. So if I was wearing these blush pants I would wear a more basic top and add some jewelry that complemented the blush.
Accessories shouldn’t be ignored as a way to summerize your wardrobe and can cost as little or as much as you want it to. I’m a sucker for designer goods so I tend to spend a lot on accessories I know that I’ll keep around forever, but if it’s just a trendy piece of jewelry I’ll usually just hit up the local Target. A bright purse, like the one above, can take a simple, neutral outfit and make it warm weather ready.
As you can see, there’s plenty of ways to keep your fall/winter wardrobe in rotation by just adding a few key brightly-colored pieces of clothing or accessories. Be bold my friends! Does anyone else have any tricks they like to use to keep their cold weather wardrobe in their rotation when warm weather hits?

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