Songs That Get My Blood Pumping

running into sunset

As my workouts have changed from weight lifting to running my workout playlists have had to change as well. The same Linkin Park song (don’t judge) that helped me reach my squat max back in the day just doesn’t have the same effect when I’m hoofing it on the prairie path. No one needs to tell you that a hot playlist can get you moving faster and make a workout more enjoyable. One of the reasons I could never get behind Bikram yoga was the lack of music (and the teacher who yelled at me for drinking from my water bottle during a pose, but that’s a different story).

There’s a lot of science behind how a song with a faster BPM get increase your pace, but this girl just knows what gets her moving! Check out the songs below that have been making their rounds on my Spotify and becoming the soundtrack to my rehabilitation:

Fatboy Slim-“Right Here, Right Now”

I first heard this song during a pivotal moment of Veronica Mars and the steady beats keep me pushing forward. Nuff said.

Tegan and Sara- “I’m Not Your Hero”

This song kind of makes me feel like a superhero and invincible. I can’t think of a better way to feel when you’re hitting mile #5.

Blondie- “Call Me”

I loooooove 80’s music and have a whole playlist devoted entirely to that decade, but this song is a definite for my workout playlist. It’s peppy with a touch of badass.

Taxi Doll- “Waiting”

This song is just so damn sexy and the chorus grabs my attention instead of my aching feet.

Sarah Blaine- “Never Get To Heaven”

I’m not going to lie….I have some odd choices on here for a running playlist, but I did warn you I just go for what gets me moving and this song does just that. Sarah Blaine’s voice hits me right in the feels.

Stereophonics- “Dakota”

A great, little song from a Welsh band. I love alternative rock that’s not so main stream you’re sick of it a week after it’s been released because the local radio station only plays the same top hits over and over and over until you’d almost rather drive in silence.

Torie Kelly, Big Sean- “Hollow”

I love the build up of this song and the lyrics. I think everyone can relate to these lyrics at one point in their life and I love using past emotions to remind myself that I just need to put one foot in front of the other.

Hailee Steinfeld, DNCE- “Rock Bottom”

This song has a great beat to run to and the blending of vocals gives me goosebumps.

Royal Teeth- “We Can Glow”

This is such an upbeat song and makes me feel like I’m pleasantly bathing in the rays of the sun even if it’s actually 90 degrees out and I’m looking less gazelle and more sweaty rhino. It’s so encouraging and motivating!

Hydrogen Child- “Close Your Eyes”

When the beat picks up so do I. Ansley Rimmer has a hauntingly, beautiful voice that is really showcased in this song for me.

Carrie Underwood- “Blown Away”

This song has been on my playlist since an extremely difficult breakup with a guy I dated in college and became the song I looked to for strength when I felt like letting him inch his way back into my life. I love tapping into that same strength when I want to skip my workout for the day.

Rachel Platten- “Lone Ranger”

I love how simple running can be and treasure my time when I get to just tie up my shoes and put some distance behind me. I definitely feel like a lone ranger in those moments and it’s just so great and primal. Just listen to this song and tell me it doesn’t excite you.

Cherri Bomb- “Too Many Faces”

Deep song with heavy vocals and heavy beats.

David Guetta, Sia, Fetty Wap- “Bang My Head”

It’s pretty mainstream, but a good song is a good song! The beat is fast and is great for making sure you’re keeping up with your pace time.

First Aid Kit- “Wolf”

I adore folksy music, but it’s really hard to find folk songs that make for good running ones. This one manages to do that and is also just a great song to boot! Check it out.

the bird and the bee- “Undone”

This is one of those songs that are perfect for when you’re first starting you’re run on a beautiful spring morning before the heat has started to set in.

Bonnie McKee “Wasted Youth”

There’s something about this song that is so invigorating and makes me just want to go for it!

Royal Blood- “Figure it Out”

I rounded so many corners at break neck speeds and jogged down path after path to this song. It’s so ingrained in all the running I’ve done I think it makes me feel like running simply because I’ve had so many good runs to it. Sometimes you can’t knock tradition!

Robert DeLong- “Don’t Wait Up”

This may be a contemporary song, but it has such an 80’s vibe to me and you know how I feel about the 80’s!

Christina Perri- “human”

This song is near and dear to me. It’s easy to feel like just another number or another body when you see doctor after doctor. I’ve been poked, prodded and pricked. A lot of doctors forgot that I’m human. They were busy trying to catch up on a backlog of patients they have yet to see or they got so busy trying to find the right solution for my problem they forget that I’m an actual person. A person who’s life has been irrevocably changed by this pain. A person who wakes up to pain and falls asleep with pain as company.

This song to me is a reminder that even if others don’t always see me as a person that I am still a human. I am a daughter, a lover, an employee, a creator, an athlete, a writer and many other things. I also just happen to be someone who is chronically ill.


Whether you’re looking for some running tunes or just some new songs to add to your playlist I hope this helps. Please sound off below with the songs that get you moving below because lord knows I need more!

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