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Affordable Morocco Vacation

Guest Blog: Morocco – Your Next Valentine’s Destination

Be still my heart! Today we have a great guest post from travel writer Maria from the UK. If I wasn’t having surgery on the 12th this might have tempted me to make this my plan for V-day. For all you lucky people who are...

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My Visit to the Picturesque Cedarburg, WI!

  Everyone has that picture in their mind of what the cutest, little picturesque town would look like and a couple weekends ago I actually got to see mine in real life! I don’t know how many people can say that! One of my besties...

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Myrtle Beach: Family, Sun and Beach Time!

  I finally got to go on vacation this summer when my boyfriend, Tyler, invited me to join his family in Myrtle Beach for their reunion. This was the first time I got to go on vacation in two years because I’m not counting the...

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Camping Weekend, Tubing and Disaster!

    At the age of 28-years-old I have never been camping, but that all changed this weekend! My boyfriend and his college friends go camping during the summer every year and this time, since most of them have significant others, girls were invited. We...

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