Ways You Can Work From Home….Really

ways you can work from home

The first thing I worried about when I became chronically ill and in pain was not my own health, but what would happen if I can’t work anymore? My health insurance would be gone and so would any way that I could pay for medical care, let alone my student loans and everyday life expenses. Many people with chronic illness or pain are no longer able to work a traditional 9 to 5 job, however with the creation of the internet and other technology they have many other opportunities at their fingertips. The hard part is sorting out the great options from the rip-offs.

So I did some homework and talked with a ton of people to get real feedback on what has worked for them and what hasn’t. What first got me jazzed about this post was seeing others who are where I was. They’re worried about how they’ll make an income when they can’t work a traditional job. However, I also began to see others who didn’t necessarily feel the calling to work a 9 to 5 job, couldn’t because they had children and daycare would be more expensive than what they would make going to work, wanted to stay home with their kids and still contribute monetarily to their household, wanted more freedom to travel and/or needed money to pay down debts. The reasons to not being able or wanting to work a traditional 9 to 5 job are endless and people have found ways to make their careers or side hustles work for them.

If you are interested in learning how you might be able to start a side biz, earn extra cash on the side, find an online job or a job that will offer more freedom to travel without falling victim to scams then this is the post for you! If you are not interested in multi-level marketing feel free to skip the first section. I know it isn’t for everyone. Personally I will avoid anything to do with product sales at all cost, but it has done wonders for some people so I would be keeping important information from you if I didn’t share.


Work From Home Job Opportunities (aka freedom from the 9 to 5 grind):


start your own business to earn some money on the side


Multi-level marketing

Multi-level marketing can be quite a controversial subject and people’s experience varies widely depending on the company that you decide to join up with. The main consensus that everyone I talked to seemed to agree on was that you should really only pick one or two MLMs to work on and invest all your time into that. Anything beyond two is unnecessary and won’t make you more income than what you could get by simply devoting more time to your existing ones.

An MLM is basically where people purchase product from a large business and start their own individual business. They are able to purchase the product wholesale and then sell it to their own client base. They are responsible for creating their own client base and marketing their own product. Some businesses have social media marketing packages that come with the initial buy-in that make it easy to post on instagram, facebook, etc, but others do not. In the end you are responsible for how much you sell and you will receive commission from that. Another revenue stream that you might have depending on the MLM you join up with is from sales made by distributors that you brought into the program.

If you are interested in starting a side hustle an MLM may be a great way for you to do so. Many people that I talked to were able to leave their full-time jobs to put even more time into their MLM business because they had been so successful. Below are some of the ones that came highly recommended.

doTERRA You can become a Wellness Advocate by purchasing a starter enrollment kit for $35.00. This also gives you a 25% discount on any product you buy through them so it’s actually a pretty great deal if you are already into essential oils or want to try them out. They also offer a training program for their Wellness Advocates that I have been told is pretty comprehensive. This is one of the only MLMs that I’m personally interested in trying because 1) I love essential oils and 2) the reviews from those who are a part of this company say nothing but good things about it.

Arbonne–  It appears that Arbonne is international so if you’re outside of the states this would be a good one for you. The dream to not spend the rest of your life slogging away at a desk doesn’t just exist in the US! Arbonne has over 325 products for skincare, nutrition, makeup, personal care, etc. that are certified vegan, botanically based and gluten-free. As a personal with a gluten intolerance I love this! My research shows that you can become an Arbonne Independent Consultant for $78. It looks like you can earn money by commissions, sales done by your team and different bonuses based on the sales of your team. What intrigues me about this is that there is zero inventory you need to carry. Arbonne will literally ship directly to your customers!

Younique–  This MLM sells makeup that strives to help women feel beautiful inside and out. They’re makeup is high-quality and I heard nothing, but great reviews about their products. If you want to be a Younique presenter you need to purchase a Younique Presenter Kit for $99.00. With that you get some of their makeup to try out or skincare products depending on what package you go with, a welcome card, a product card, a catalog of their current items and much more. I also believe it sets you up with a website to operate your business out of. Their compensation is based on your sales and the percentage you get looks like it’s dependent on what level of presenter you are considered. So if you love makeup this might be the MLM for you! For an example site or to purchase any products check out my girl Valerie’s site right here.

Young Living This is another essential oil MLM that I’ve also heard good things about. You can become a member with Young Living which then allows you to save 24% off retail pricing on their products, special offers, a compensation plan based on what level you are, fun networking experiences and a close-knit community. Their starter kit for becoming a member starts at $160 and increases depending on the type of diffuser you want. Check out my friend Amanda’s site right here to see her work in action.

Color Street Color Street is a newer company that seemingly has great potential. It offers 100% nail polish strips that can last up to two weeks. I know that I’m missing the girl gene that allows me to paint my nails without looking like contemporary art so I would love to try these! They are free of Formaldehyde, toluene and a lot of other nasty stuff. They are also made right here in the USA, vegan and cruelty-free. Cruelty free is a huge plus for me. Save the bunnies! In order to become a stylist  you need to purchase their basic started kit for $129.00 or in order to start selling right away you can get their deluxe kit for $299.00 that comes with product to sell. You earn a 25% base commission  with an opportunity to earn more once your business is more established. Check out my friend Keturah’s site right here and browse through the adorable selections they have to offer!

Hempworx This is a site that sells hemp products for help people reach their highest wellness. Their products are non-GMO and 100% natural. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been increasing in popularity as research is beginning to show the positive effects it can have on people’s health without the psychoactivity that comes with THC.  CBD is legal in all states as long as their products are under .3% of THC by dry weight. Personally, I have used CBD for inflammatory issues with moderate success. Nothing life changing, but it has definitely helped. However, I have more than just inflammation that is causing my pain so the amount of help you will receive is going to be very dependent on what your issues actually are. Sidenote: You definitely will see an article going more in depth into CBD very soon, but I’m going to try my best to stay on point and that is this MLM market for Hempworx.

Hempworx has an 85% compensation plan payout, they ship directly to your customers so you don’t have to order any product (yippee!), and they help you put together a professional website so you can get to selling right away. In order to become an affiliate you have to spend a one time activation fee of $20 and it looks like you may also have to buy a couple products as well.

Rodan + Fields I’m a bit biased because I’ve used their product and totally love it, just to warn ya! To be a consultant for Rodan + Fields you just need to complete the consultant application and purchase a business kit or business portfolio for $45.00. Everyone I’ve talked to have loved being with Rodan + Fields and their seems to be a great sense of teamwork there. The company has a great satisfaction guarantee for their customers and a stellar track record. What I like a lot about this company is that they have quite a low starter cost in comparison to other skin care MLMs that are out there . A consultant with Rodan + Fields can make a profit from selling the product, from the consultants that you sponsor making sales and from the consultants that your consultants sponsor making sales and further down the line. Also you can receive performance bonuses for reaching different milestones.

Direct Cellars If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur or just a huge fan of wine you may enjoy this MLM. I think it’s so important if you’re doing an MLM to really enjoy what you’re selling so that you don’t get bored of the product and I can’t imagine getting bored of wine! In order to join the Social Level you must spend $249.95 plus $9.99 shipping for 4 bottles of wine, personal website with one year of membership and 20% savings on extra cases of wine. You can also do the Elite Level which will be $499.95 plus $14.95 in shipping for 12 bottles of wine, personal website with three years of membership and 40% savings on extra cases of wine. The amount you make is based on what you’re ranking is in their system and I believe the ranking is based on how many people you bring into selling Direct Cellars, but I could be incorrect and it could be how many people you get to sign up for the club. It’s a little difficult to tell.  Sound out below if you have more info! Their website says on average sellers can earn between $500.00 and $2000.00. So while I wouldn’t quit my day job this could definitely help you make some bank on the side.

have a career while working at home


There is a wide array of different types of coaching you can do and what certifications are needed or suggested to do the type you want so keep reading for more in-depth info! For all of the below I suggest having a process in order for how you will start with each client. It makes you seem professional and like you aren’t just winging it.

Personal trainer- You don’t need to be certified in personal training to coach, but I highly suggest it. This one is near and dear to my heart as I’m studying for my certification right now. It scares me that there are people out there training people without certifications that teach you how to train your clients safely. I weighed the pros and cons of what certification to get and ended up choosing the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer certification because of their online study guides, great reviews and phenomenal customer service. You can train people online or in person. There are many opportunities that being a personal trainer can afford you, but you have to be willing to keep putting yourself out there,  believe in your skills, continue your learning and learn how to market yourself.

Health Coach- Again, there’s no certification or education necessary for this, but you should probably get one. Why? People’s safety. Most employers who actually hire health coaches want you to have a degree in something related or a certification. If you are looking to do online coaching most people will go to those with certifications because they know they have invested some time and money into learning to be a health coach. Again, I suggest the ACE certification for Health Coaches, but you do need to have their Personal Trainer certification in order to do this one, a current NCC-accredited certification, an associate degree or higher in a wellness related field, a completed health coach trainign and education program approved by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaches or a minimum of two years of documented work experience in coach, leading, designing, implementing or facilitating behavior/lifestyle changes, exercise, wellness, nutrition and physical activity. A place like Noom might be a great kick off point for your health coach career if you’re looking to gain some experience and credibility.

Yoga Coach A lot of different yoga schools have their own certifications. Yoga Alliance has a great search engine that can help you look for reputable yoga programs in your area. All programs seem to be at least 200 hours and include taking yoga classes, learning anatomy, teaching a class and much more. From those that I’ve talked to being a yoga teacher is a labor of love and it can be super hard to do full-time. You really need to know how to market yourself, keep people coming back to your classes, decide whether you want to run your own business or work for an already established business, etc. There’s a ton of possibilities and decisions to make, but in order to make a real living at being a yoga teacher you need to be able to set yourself aside from the crowd. One of my favorite yoga teachers, Candace, of Yoga by Candace, is a great example of how to make a career out of being a yoga instructor. I even had the opportunity to write a post for her here!

Blog Coach– Help others reach their dreams of having a successful blog! One of my friends Ell, the creator of Ell Duclos, offers blog coaching sessions. I took one coaching session from her and plan to take more. She’s insightful and her posts are always tremendously helpful and full of useful tidbits. If you run a successful blog this may be a great way for you to increase your revenue if you really like helping others reach their goals!

Career Coach– Their are certifications out there to become a career coach and while they will bring more credibility to your coaching they aren’t necessary and most seem to be more money than their worth. I would set up a quality website to market yourself and your skills and start listing yourself on the different job sites that let you offer your services. Don’t forget you can also offer resume and cover letter writing services too.

Life Coach-  There is currently no mandated certification, but I highly suggest receiving a certification from an accredited program by the International Coach Federation. To me a life coach is all of the coaches listed above rolled into one. While they may not be able to go as in-depth as each specialized coach above they should be able to assist the client in setting up a plan for each area of their life and inspire them to reach their goals. They can help people who don’t know where they want to go in life to realizing their goals and they help clients who may already know what they want, but just don’t know how to get there. If this sounds interesting and you want more info check out this post from Live Bold and Bloom.


 work from your own home

A great at home office set-up is necessary for working at home!


Work From Home Jobs

All of these jobs can be considered work from home jobs, but these go the more traditional route and have more of a steady income than MLMs or coaching typically does.

Transcriptionists listen to audio files and type out what you hear. Some companies require you to have certain tools to help you at your job like a foot pedal for audio playback and some require nothing. This can be a very repetitive job, but it can allow you to work from home and set your own work hours so it may be the perfect fit for some. Experience is key with being a transcriptionist as the more experience you have the better the companies are that will be hiring you and the more money you will be making. Transcribe Anywhere offers great courses to teach you how to become a transcriber . This post on The Penny Hoarder goes way more in-depth into how to become a successful transcriber so check it out if this seems at all interesting to you. Rev is a great place to get started. You simply take a test and they will let you know if you passed or not. If you passed you can get started earning some money!

Be a Customer Service Representative. It costs money to have buildings for employees to work from and businesses are catching on by having their Customer Service Representatives operate from their own homes. Most places won’t provide you with the technology needed to do this job so you will need a computer and a stable phone line, but sometimes you’ll get lucky and they’ll supply you with what you need. Also, don’t forget a quiet space to do your work uninterrupted. Chat options for most websites have also opened up a ton of opportunities for being a customer service rep via chat instead of on the phone.

Be a Virtual Assistant. If you’re uber organized and love to anticipate people’s needs before they even have to ask then this may be a good fit for you. The pay for a virtual assistant varies widely depending on your experience and where you’re getting your jobs through. If you’re just getting started being a virtual assistant a site like Belay Solutions is a great way to start building a client base.

Try out content writing. There are businesses aplenty that want to make their footprint online, but just don’t have the money or need to hire a full-time writer for their websites or social media accounts. That’s where you come in. Do you have a knack for writing great articles or witty captions for photos? Turn that talent into a career and start churning out some excellent content for different sites. At a minimum you have to have a good command of your language and quality grammar in order to be a content writer, but to be successful you need to be able to write about a variety of subjects, achieve quick turnarounds and take constructive criticism. There are two ways you can go about getting a job as a content writer. You can showcase your work on your own website and promote, promote, promote or go to one of the many sites that offer content writing and sign up to offer your services to prospective clients.

Social Media Expert might be a good fit for you if you rock at instagram. Businesses are always looking for people to run their social media because few have the time to do it themselves or the knowledge to do it effectively. Social media has grown so fast and is the biggest way to market yourself these days besides word of mouth. A social media expert has their hand on the pulse of Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and all other forms of social media. They know what hashtags are popular and what time of day to post. They can find content that’s applicable to the companies they are representing and they can cultivate community discussion amongst their followers.

Become a tutor or give lessons. If you have a specific knowledge in a subject, a degree in it or are a teacher of it then tutoring or providing lessons may be a great side job for you. You can tutor online at places like Wyzant or you can get the word out in your community via flyers, networking, boards, etc. My French tutor and my social studies tutor both came highly recommended from the high school I attended at the time so networking is very important. I put lessons in here as well because if you know an instrument or any other type of skill you can give lessons in that as well.

Teach English. Places like DaDaABC allow you to teach English education to children in China via the internet. The children range between 4 to 16 years old. If you already have your teaching degree this can be a great way to grow your international teaching experience and earn some extra cash on the side. If you don’t you can join up too! The requirements to join are being a native English speaker and having a bachelor’s degree. You must have a desktop or laptop with a fast speed internet connection and audio/video capability. Your contract term can go from 6 months to 12 months and they are hiring people immediately. Their classes are held from 6PM-9PM Shanghai time and the company provides all the teaching materials necessary! Now we just need a school over there that can teach me a new language! You can earn up to $25 an hour too. Not too shabby. Your pay rate is determined by your TPR training result and demo class performance. For the time that you are teaching you will receive full payment and for standby time you will receive half of the payment for that period.


Where to Find Online Jobs

Upwork is great if you have any kind of technological skills you can offer like coding or if you want to be a virtual assistant. To become a freelancer on Upwork you complete your profile and their system will highlight jobs that you may be well-suited for. Posters can send their jobs to you as well if they like your profile and it’s up to you to choose to take the job or not. Upwork charges the freelancer 20% on the first $500 billed with the client, 10% for lifetime billings with the client between $500.01 to $10,000.00 and 5% for lifetime billings with the client that exceeds $10,000.00. I have actually worked with a couple freelancers that I hired to work on a website for my day job and it’s a very easy to use website. I would imagine the interface is just as accessible for the freelancers as well.

Fiverr allows you to put your skills up for sale. Are you a personal trainer who loves writing a workout program for fitness newbies or are you someone who has an innate talent for writing amazing articles? On Fiverr you start off by creating a gig and you put your offer out there. You’re notified when someone is interested in what you’re offering and you can connect with your newest client. Once your work is complete you get paid. With Fiverr you can set your own prices and Fiverr takes 20% off of what you make. If you’re looking for experience and some good reviews for a new business you’re starting up this seems like a great way to get some word of mouth going and new clientele.

Flexjobs is the job board you go to if you’re looking for all kinds of flexible jobs. Unfortunately, it costs $14.95 a month to $49.95 a year to be able to apply for the jobs posted, but I’ve heard the quality of the jobs posted are much higher than any other flexible job sites out there.

Jobspresso specifically posts jobs that allow you to work remote from anywhere. From what I can see they’re very similar to Flexjobs except a lot of these are full-time jobs that you can really make a career out of.  They offer jobs in project management, marketing, sales, writing and much more.

Indeed, Linkedin or any other job site can be helpful. Make use of their filter buttons and select telecommuter options. This is a great way to find real, full-time jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home or in a hut in Hawaii (as long as that hut has internet). 


Other Miscellaneous Options

Become a blogger. Everyone and their mother wants to become a well-known blogger and be able to quite their day job. It takes a lot of work and is often a labor of love when you first start. See my friend Ell’s post here on what it takes for her to make her blog successful. Check out my friend Kiernan’s blog, The Yogiste, right here! Success does not happen overnight and you have to educate yourself a lot on how to set up your website, market your blog, gain readership and so much more. You will often feel like a small fish in a big pond, but once you find your heart’s message and your niche, whatever that may be, it becomes a lot easier to keep moving forward. Check out my post here on why I started Buddha Belly.

While you’re getting your site established you can earn some extra income by blogging for other sites. Check out Problogger for some job opportunities.

Selling bitcoins or mining bit coin. I will be totally honest…this is way beyond my limited tech knowledge. I mine bit coin because my roommate literally set it up for me and I make about $5.00 in passive income a day. It sounds small, but it adds up! Cryptocurrency is a huge way to make money these days so I wouldn’t be doing my job if I left it off this list, but I don’t have any expertise to share with you. I like to keep it honest here. The CNBC website has a pretty good breakdown of how mining bitcoin works so check it out here if you’re looking for more in-depth info!

Open your own online boutique. Are you good at making crafts or creating logos for websites? You can use those crafting skills to open your own business on places like Etsy. What type of online format you choose to do your shop through is very dependent on what you’re looking to sell so I highly suggest doing some web surfing so you can pick the one that fits your needs.

Drive for Lyft or Uber. Shop for instacart. While this isn’t a work from home job it is a job that you can make your own hours with.


I hope you all found this helpful. Please sound out below if you have a great opportunity you want to share or a great experience with one of the jobs I mentioned above! Now get out there and start making a career that works with the kind of life you dream of! I think the main take away from all of this is that one road doesn’t fit all and you have to pave your own way, especially if you want to work at home. Spend some time reflecting on what you like doing, what gives you energy instead of drains it and what you’re good at and start to shape a career out of that.


Disclaimer: I am not a part of any multi-level marketing companies listed so I am only speaking from information gathered and not personal experience.



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    I have a Young Living Business. I think that if you want to do an MLM, you have to love the product, but it totally is possible! I also think, if I didn’t really want to help people, and set up a time to do the work that I need to get done, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am. Working from home is hard, because you have to manage your time well.

    • awaitressnomore
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      Yeah, I wouldn’t ever think about representing a product on here I don’t like or believe in let alone operate an MLM. I think there’s two sides to every coin. I have issues focusing when I’m at home, but I’ve learned that if I just make myself start it gets a lot easier. Some people honestly do better in a 9 to 5 and really enjoy it.

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    • awaitressnomore
      January 19, 2018 / 3:19 pm

      Best of luck! I hope you have great results. I’ve heard great things from multiple people about all the ones mentioned below and their best advice was to concentrate on only one or two and that you get what you put into it.

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    I’m one of those chronically ill people who can’t work a regular 9-5 without more accomodations than most employers are able to give. I’ve found a niche with art, blogging, and content writing that, while it won’t make me rich, helps me keep it together!

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      That is so great! I wish you luck with whatever illness you’re dealing with and, while I can’t understand your unique situation, I totally understand how hard chronic pain can be. I’m so hyped that you found something that works for you. I’d love to see some of your art!

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      You’re so welcome. So good to hear I introduced you to something! You should definitely go for it. Go where your gut tells you to go. Mine told me to get my pt cert so I can learn how to train myself better and I hope to help others along the way. I could get in my head and think of all the personal trainers there are out there and how hard it is, but I feel like I’m taking the path I’m supposed to take 🙂

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      March 1, 2018 / 6:00 pm

      Glad it gave you some new ideas!

  21. March 20, 2018 / 12:57 pm

    What an interesting list of possibilities for anyone looking for a job working from home. I left a 12 year career in digital marketing to write about food, travel and lifestyle full time. So while blogging takes up a lot of my time, I’m also a freelance columnist, producing content for mainstream media. It was a big step to take but I’m loving every minute of it so like you, my advice to others is ‘go for it’!

    • awaitressnomore
      March 20, 2018 / 5:31 pm

      Hi Emily,

      Thanks so much. I totally agree. If that’s the life you want you gotta carve it out for yourself!

  22. April 7, 2018 / 4:07 pm

    A very informative piece for people like me, who want to work but are equally lethargic…..lolz
    a very goood post though.
    thanks for sharing.

    • awaitressnomore
      April 8, 2018 / 9:27 pm

      Oh lordy, don’t I know it. I used to nap all the time, haha.

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