Make the Most of Your Time in the Gym With Compound Lifts!

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8 Responses

  1. I am right there with ya. I only do compound movements, you see more results with them! When can cover more muscles in 1 movement, the better I look, and the more fat I burn. Ive got to get my workout videos posted

    • awaitressnomore says:

      Yeah, there’s a time and place for accessory lifts, but if you want to see progress and not spend hours in the gym compound lifts are the way to go!

  2. Mary-Ellen says:

    Thanks for the detailed instructions! I am not so afraid to try these lifts now!

  3. Health Sites says:

    After reading some of thin on Facebook I decided to do some research and I’m glad I found your post! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I am a regular gym goer. and i am strongly agree with what you said in this post.
    Thanks for sharing Jen Elizabeth.
    liked your site and bookmarked it.
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