Some Spicy Education


I didn’t start cooking until much later in life. To be honest, I didn’t really start cooking until the last year or so. I thought cooking was impossibly difficult and usually quit halfway through a recipe frazzled as all get out wondering how people do this everyday. Then when I began dating Ty I realized quickly that it wasn’t cooking that was difficult, but the knives I had been using! My mother, god bless her (mostly because I know she’s reading this), hadn’t sharpened her knives in 20 years and cutting carrots with those knives was like trying to paper cut it to death.

Nowadays, cooking every evening is quite normal for Ty and me and we typically shop once a week with a whole week’s menu in mind. The boyfriend has been endlessly patient with me though as he’s taught me how to cut different vegetables and burned a couple pans, but I’ve been determined to be at least an above mediocre cook and I think I’ve surpassed that goal. What I’ve really fallen in love with during this endeavor is spices. It amazes me to no end that spices can take a piece of plain chicken from flop to fab much like some new highlights can take hair from mousy to marvelous!

I happened upon this wonderful infographic from Brit+CO, one of my favorite websites, and I just had to share! Check them out if you love crafting, recipes or interior design. I love them!



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